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Our excursions


Lokobe reserve visit


Departure by boat from the hotel

to discover the fauna of Nosy be in the Lokobé protected natural park: lemurs, snakes, chameleons, frogs, butterflies ...

Accompanied by a specialist guide of flora and fauna, lunch on the beach (excluding drinks).




Visit Nosy Faly, the Authentic

(from April to mid-December)


Departure from the hotel by boat for a crossing of 30 minutes.

Located east of Nosy be, this authentic island contains the graves of the princes of the region.

Nosy Faly or Nosy Be 30 years ago, the charm and authenticity of an island without a car, one tuc tuc for the whole island.

Discovery of fishing villages, by bike or on foot, as well as a visit to a school created by an NGO.

Lunch (excluding drinks) at Ecolodge Nosy Faly where Claudine will welcome you with kindness and a smile.



Nosy Tanikely / Nosy Komba excursion


Departure from the hotel by boat , 45mn crossing, protected marine natural reserve.

All you need is a mask and snorkel to dive into an open-air aquarium, then visit the island with 1 local guide.

Crossing to Nosy Komba 15 minutes, visit the fishing village, craft market, lunch included (excluding drinks).

Return to the hotel with swimming and snorkelling on the sandbank as desired.



Nosy Iranja Island Tour

(Exit outside packages):

(10 people max)

possibility of privatizing the boat


Departure from the hotel by car in order to reach the meeting point and approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes by sea. A dream setting for these two islands linked by a 1.5km sandbank, which covers and is discovered at each tide.

A viewpoint from the lighthouse allows you to admire these landscapes of turquoise waters. Nosy Iranja is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, where many turtles come to lay eggs. Return at the end of the day. Lunch on the island (excluding drinks)


from mid-July to late December

Discovery of humpback whales, whale sharks, Manta rays, and Omura whales (Outing except packages)



Island tour by car:

(4 to 5 people max)


Possibility of Privatization of the car

In the morning, departure from the hotel towards Hell city with our air-conditioned Starex vehicle, accompanied by a guide.

Visit the market and discover the spices of Madagascar and the Malagasy arts

Visit of the giant and sacred ficus of Bemazava

Nosy Be waterfall visit (in season)

Swimming on the magnificent Andilana beach.

Lunch at your expense

Discovery of Mont Passot, highest point of Nosy BE, 360 ° view to admire the sunset over the ocean, view of the 8 lakes of Nosy be island.

Then return to Manga Soa Lodge




Weekly excursion calendar, included in packages / excursions

  • Monday: Island tour

  • Tuesday: Nosy Tanikely / Nosy Komba or Island tour

  • Wednesday: Nosy Tanikely / Nosy Komba or Island tour

  • Thursday: LOKOBE reserve or Island tour or Nosy Faly

  • Friday: LOKOBE reserve or Island tour or Nosy Faly

  • Saturday: Nosy Tanikely / Nosy Komba or Island tour

  • Sunday: Nosy Tanikely / Nosy Komba



Manga Soa Lodge and vetcm reserve the right to review the organization of excursions, in the event of weather, tide or stewardship problems, without notice


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